ddTour developed for personal projects.

Page Tour with "Bullshit Ipsum":

This is a tour solution to escort someone through your page. standards-compliant systems seize partnerships; create clicks-and-mortar e-commerce widgets wireless technologies incubate end-to-end strategize revolutionary synergies infomediaries synergies communities. Virtual synergies bricks-and-clicks, "envisioneer turn-key evolve beta-test morph drive, reinvent cross-platform." Folksonomies user-centric scale models systems social mission-critical, deliver sexy intuitive bandwidth seize virtual communities magnetic. Synergies blogging empower, widgets sticky convergence partnerships post metrics reintermediate embedded intuitive e-business user-contributed e-commerce. Mindshare A-list implement embedded; transparent A-list aggregate--communities, "dynamic synthesize distributed mission-critical, out-of-the-box embedded e-business long-tail."

Authentic; frictionless enable cutting-edge; value world-class global data-driven. Relationships interfaces Granular revolutionize, integrate strategize, podcasts blogospheres plug-and-play enterprise, sexy, real-time distributed, integrateAJAX-enabled weblogs podcasting harness! Bleeding-edge cutting-edge, capture cutting-edge syndicate engage orchestrate deliverables e-business, This is the next item in the tour for discussion.synergistic applications, matrix peer-to-peer intuitive A-list! User-centric, "post disintermediate 24/365 aggregate," addelivery redefine plug-and-play end-to-end, models user-contributed platforms--synergistic rss-capable applications e-markets. Orchestrate semantic extensible--synergistic harness; recontextualize models relationships design monetize utilize rich-clientAPIs deploy mindshare aggregate web-enabled plug-and-play integrate.

And this is another next item.

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Deploy enterprise enable beta-test applications efficient cross-platform infomediaries recontextualize communities, optimize. User-centric bleeding-edge e-commerce; exploit, "users rss-capable monetize cross-platform metrics extensible," addelivery infomediaries, mindshare standards-compliant, revolutionize facilitate granular end-to-end global. Life-hacks, holistic users addelivery leverage bleeding-edge e-business, proactive blogospheres vertical deliver; exploit drive, cross-media. Platforms; innovate, "enable, architectures B2C frictionless streamline; markets." Extensible Cluetrain collaborative utilize embrace interactive initiatives interactive enable communities post ubiquitous channels communities share, rich-clientAPIs global? Supply-chains open-source, "interactive syndicate scalable; supply-chains sticky e-markets disintermediate empower semantic matrix," 24/365 virtual. Turn-key, implement A-list capture morph target integrated bandwidth benchmark webservices efficient; value-added wireless B2B; cross-platform, real-time metrics drive, standards-compliant, enable.

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